Fortress War

Every: Sunday 08:00 PM

Bandit Fortress War: Not Occupied

Top Players
# Name LvL Item Points
Aurora 100 1463
kekpisos 11 132
Top Guilds
# Name LvL Points
Aurora 5 112
Top Job Killers
# Name Type Kills
Top Unique Killers
# Name Guild Points
Euphoria Aurora 1812
Rich Players
# Name Gold
kekpisos 200,000
Aurora 181,270



Aurora Client

Aurora Client

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Server info

Server Status: OFFLINE

Players Online: 0

Race: European & Chinese

Cap: 100

Exp Solo: 2x

Exp Party: 2x

PC Limit: 10

IP Limit: 10

CH Mastery: 300

Max Plus: 12

Server Times

Server Time :

TowerDefend Starts In :

Last Unique Kills
Char Unique Date
Euphoria Thanos